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1975 results
African Elephant Wall Hanging - Embossed
Lion with Man
Lion with Man
Shetani Unit
Shetani Unit
Anonymous Shetani Carving
Woman Makonde Carving
Baba na Mtoto Shetani Carving
Man protecting his Woman from Shetani Spirit
Ebony Combs
Mahogany Salad Sets
Pair of Candle Holders-Candle
Ebony Plate
Medium Bowls
Man Head Carving in Tree
Handmade Soap Stone Flamingo
Soap Stone Flamingo from Tanzania
Soap Stone Large Hippopotamus 22 lb 16 in - Heavy
Makonde Woman
Makonde Woman
Nativity Set
Nativity Set
Handcarved Makonde Witch Doctor
Makonde Man carved
Fine Family Tree Makonde Carving
Abstract Makonde Carving (Woman and Child)-Sculpture & USA
Makonde Woman with Load
Masaai Girl with Water Gourd
Three legged Hand Carved Top Stand
Makonde Candle Holder
Baba na Mtoto' Makonde Carving
One Piece Ujama Family Tree Makonde Carving
Mama na Watoto Carving
Ujama Family Tree Makonde Carving - 112
Wimbo Shetani carrying his snake
Makonde Man with Walking Stick
Kissing Mask 10"
Pair of Zebra Face Masks 12"
Anonymous Shetani
African Makonde Woman
1975 results
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