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Earth & Fire Lunar Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Phone Card Dancing Girl Earrings Handmade and Fair Trade
Tin Dancing Girl Earrings Handmade and Fair Trade
Wire Bicycle Earrings Handmade and Fair Trade
Festival Earrings - Rainbow - Global Mamas
Brass Leaf Design Spiral Earrings - DZI (J)
Devika Ajna Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Silver and Ebony Tuareg Earrings
Dancing Girl Melon Slice Earrings - Creative Alternatives
Dancing Girl Pumpkin Earrings - Creative Alternatives
Recycled Tin Dragonfly Earrings - Creative Alternatives-The Takataka USA
TUAREG CROSS - Silver Earrings Tuareg Cross Designs
Stamped Recycled Cooking Pot 'Earth Lover' Earrings - Zakali Creations
Hammered Tassel Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Kantha Drop Earrings - USA
Kantha Disc Hoop Earrings - USA
Kantha Beaded Hoop Earrings - USA
Fire Design Small Glass Earrings - Tili Glass
Green/Blue Multi-bead Earrings - WorldFinds-World USA
Stamped Recycled Cooking Pot 'Nomad' Earrings - Zakali Creations
Stamped Recycled Cooking Pot 'Gypsy' Earrings - Zakali Creations
Kalahari Earrings - Neutral - Global Mamas (Jewelry)
Brass Galactic Design Spiral Earrings - DZI (J)
Earrings: Eve Verdant - Marquet (J)
Earrings: Eve Evening Blue - Marquet (J)
Earrings: Jane Oceana - Marquet (J)
Anika Earrings Teardrop Design - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Sun Medallion Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Tree of Life Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Ashram Window Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Waves on Diamond Brass Earrings - Brass Images (E)
Earrings: Eve Seaside - Marquet (J)
Earrings: Eve Viola - Marquet (J)
Art Deco Scallop Earrings - Bright Silvertone - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Cleo Earrings - Rose - Lucias Imports (J)
Rectangle Cubist Earrings - silver Handmade and Fair Trade
162 results
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