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Thought to have "wondrous powers, sparkling light and elegant beauty", gemstones have been associated with power and mysticism since the Middle Ages.

And the names of some stones reflect our fascination! Tears of the Sea (Aquamarines), Smaragdus (Emeralds), The Stone of Tenderness (Moonstone).

It's no wonder gems are given to convey love, regard and tenderness.

We search all of the African continent to bring you high quality gemstones - at a reasonable price.  Take a look at this beautiful piece of Octagon Cut Amethyst, for example. What a unique piece! Over 37 carats of beautiful purple-hued amethyst.

Amethyst Octagon Cut 37 Carats Gemstones


So make that special someone very happy. Present them with some "wondrous power, sparkling light and elegant beauty" for their very own!

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36 results

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