I Am Like A Bird | Shona Stone Sculpture


Have you ever felt like flying, soaring like a bird? We think we probably all have. It can be a metaphor for spiritual achievement or even soaring to the top of your profession, making the most of your talents, whatever they may be.

I Am Like A Bird was inspired by Eckel Hyamhondoro's speculation as to a person's state of mind when contemplating what it takes to reach a goal - to soar to the top.

Sculpted from fruit serpentine, his abstract impressionistic sculpture is a joy to behold. The colour and veining of this stone are simply superb!

Eckel has soared like a bird! Eckel comes from a large family and at an early age realized he'd need to find his niche in life. His cousin, Enos, inspired Eckel to carve stone. Eckel joined the Tengenenge Art Community in 1995 and now teaches others in addition to exhibiting his work.

I Am Like A Bird | Shona Stone Sculpture | Eckel Nyamhondoro

He loves to carve springstone, opal, cobalt and fruit serpentine and has exhibited at the Museum of Art Auditorium/San Diego Art Institute and the Museum Pierce of Zurich. Eckel has become a renowned Shona Stone Sculptor, exhibiting far and wide (Germany, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Holland, North Ireland, Poland and South Africa).

  • Limited Edition (one of a kind)
  • 8.66" Long
  • 4" Wide
  • 11" High
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