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Many cultures and mythologies relate the "siren's song" tale of mermaids luring sailors with their irresistible voice.

Gifted sculptor Simon Chidharara says he is inspired by women or "feminine spirits" and mythological creatures. åÊHe says "Women are the centre of life, so I like to celebrate everything about them".

We say, "lovely thought" and think this mermaid sculpture, crafted in fruit serpentine is a beautiful representation of a "merwoman".

Simon Chidharara | Shona Stone Sculptor | I Hear The Mermaids Singing

Simon sources much of his stone from the Nyanga region - his home - a beautiful mountainous region with a strong sculpting tradition. He is devoted to remaining close to his rural roots and the stone that inspires his beautiful creations.

Simon's work can be seen in galleries and in private collections in Holland, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, Canada and Germany.

  • Limited Edition (one of a kind)
  • 15.74" Long
  • 5.51" Wide
  • 18.5" High
  • Fruit Serpentine

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