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East Africa comprises some of the most interesting areas, both culturally and artistically.

Home of The African Great Lakes Region and the magnificent Mount Kilamanjaro, East Africa is also home to Makonde Artisans who hand carve remarkable works of art from African Blackwood (also known as Mpingo).

Parts of East Africa are renowned for their concentration of wildlife, especially the "Big Five" (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and black rhinoceros). As a result, many examples of East African creativity express the artisan's fascination with animals.

From East Africa, we bring you fascinating Makonde Sculpture, gorgeous Kisii Soapstone carvings and sculpture, remarkable quality Tanzanite gemstones, realistic and heart-warming African Wildlife sculpture and our incredibly tasty and delicious Ethiopian Wolf Natural Yirgacheffe Coffee.

Ethiopian Wolf Natural Yirgacheffe Banko Dhadato Whole Bean Coffee



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