Soapstone Sculpture & Carving

With people worldwide taking an interest in global art forms, soapstone art is popping up in homes, offices and galleries all over the world.

While many areas of Africa produce beautiful soapstone sculpture and carvings, we are particularly enamored of the work of the Kisii people.

Kisii Stone is named after the Kisii people of the Tabaka Hills of Western Kenya. For many people, these soapstone carvings are their primary source of income.

Kisii Stone occurs in a variety of beautiful colours, ranging from light cream to black and including yellows, reds, lavender and grey. The colour is dependent upon the minerals present in the stone.

Soapstone is used to create both functional items and works of art.  This gorgeous little sugar pot is one of our favourites!

Hand Painted Soapstone Sugar Pot | Soapstone Sculpture and Carving

While soapstone art traditionally features wildlife, such as elephants, rhinos and giraffes, today's artisans also create contemporary abstract figures, bookends, candleholders and other figurines.


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