The Azel Collection | Distinctive, Handcrafted Sterling Silver Tuareg Jewelry

The Tuareg Silversmiths of Azel  have been designing and executing superb fine sterling silver jewelry for countless generations. Azel is located in northern Agadez (Niger) - a fairly daunting distance from hospitals and other support.   

That is why Mohammed Anou, a renowned Tuareg silversmith, grouped his fellow artisans together to form the basis of this remarkable jewelry - The Azel Collection. Mohammed hopes the collective's beautiful jewelry will benefit his beloved town of Azel - and help it's people! 

Tuareg jewelry is distinctive, dramatic and meaningful.

There is a history and a story behind each piece and the traditional Tuareg motifs convey this in an intriguing way.

Mohammed holds a traditional Chat Chat Necklace in this picture.  In Tuareg culture, this necklace is similar to an engagement ring. When a man wishes to ask a woman to marry him, he gives her this necklace. Her acceptance and wearing of the necklace conveys the message that they are now engaged.

Rather lovely, we think!

Mohammed holding Chat Chat Engagement Necklace Fine Sterling Tuareg Jewelry

The Azel Collection | Distinctive, Handcrafted Sterling Silver Tuareg Jewelry
54 results
HAMAISSA - Geometric Silver Pendant with Raised Bail
GURAYA - Triangular Silver Earrings, Intricate Etching
DIHYA - Geometric Silver Pendant with Semi-Precious Stone and Black and Silver Beads
CELEBRA | Traditional Silver & Black Bead Necklace | The Azel USA
BASIL - Oval Silver Earrings
BADIS - Black Agate and Silver Earrings
AYIAL - Fine Silver Bangle
ASULIL - Fine Silver Bangle
ANIR - Geometric Silver Ring
ANARUZ - Black Agate & Silver Ring
AMZIN - Cross Over Silver Ring
AMEZWAR - Oval Silver & Semi-Precious Stone Ring, Intricate etching, Shown with mother-of-pearl stone
AGHILAS - Semi-Precious Turquoise Stone & Silver Pendant
AGHILAS - Dramatic Large Black Ebony and Silver Ring
AGERZAM - Diamond Shape Silver & Stone Earrings
AFAW - Oval Silver Earrings
AFAW - Dramatic Silver & Black Agate Pendant, Intricate Etching and Black Beads
AFALKAY - Black Agate and Silver Earrings
54 results
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