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Simply the best fine silver jewelry! Intricately crafted from silver more pure than sterling, these Tuareg designs are both dramatically different and spectacularly executed.

The Koumama Family have been preserving and perfecting an over 25 generation history as masters of fine silver jewelry. Their high standards produce silver pieces that are uniquely beautiful.

Through extensive apprenticeships, each Koumama family member learns the craft under the mentorship of more experienced family members.  It takes years of study before an individual is considered experienced enough to execute these intricate designs under the Koumama family name.

Intricate geometric designs often have significant symbolism and are often protective in nature - protecting the wearer from evil or keeping one from harm's way.

One of our favourite pieces is the Shaker Bracelet - a superbly executed design. The Shaker Bracelet contains sand from the Sahara Desert. Shaking the bracelet is thought to ward off evil spirits.

The Koumama Family use an ancient technique known as "lost wax casting", then finishing the pieces with intricate etching and carving techniques.

Koumama Silver has been featured all over the world in such well known venues as The Smithsonian Institute, The Fowler Museum and The National Museum of African Art.

Elhadji Koumama, The Koumama Collection, Fine Silver Jewelry

Elhadji Koumama


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