Wildlife Art, Sculpture & Carving

Africa is a remarkable continent. Wildly divergent in landscape, culture, language, religions - it is also home to a phenomenal number of wildlife species.

Africa is also a changing continent (like any other). Animals are not only under threat of extinction by hunting or poaching, they are also negatively impacted by human encroachment on their natural habitats.

The word "Zawadee" means gift. We believe that Earth's Wildlife is a gift. One we are responsible for stewarding.

To that end, 2% of all profits from sales of our wildlife products is donated to charities supportive of the protection of endangered species.

We firmly believe in lending "a small hand" to the efforts of groups like The Jane Goodall Institute and The World Wildlife Fund (to name but a few deserving examples).

So have fun browsing our collection of African Wildlife! And remember, your purchase will also help an animal to survive.

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27 results

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