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The African Leopard is the most secretive and elusive of the big cats. As always, Ardmore Ceramics has gone to great lengths to meticulously capture this majestic animal demonstrating it's natural behaviour.

This vase will showcase any floral arrangement with panache!

Ardmore Ceramics displays a deft ability to portray wildlife in exquisite detail.

African Leopards are native to more than 35 African countries but are approaching "near threatened status". They tend to favour rocky landscapes with dense bush and riverine forests but have also shown to be highly adaptable to many locations in both warm and cold climates.

  • 6.69" High
  • 7.08" Long
  • 6.29" Wide
George Manyathela Moshe Sello Thandeka Shabalala
Thrower Sculptor Painter

George loves being part of the team that creates a piece of Ardmore Ceramic Art. H came to Ardmore with an extensive background in pottery, but credits Ardmore with teaching him about contemporary art and how to create "with a message". George is a key figure in the production of the Ardmore Design Collection of dinner services. George's ceramic jewel boxes are his pride and joy!

Moshe was encouraged and mentored by his uncle Bennet Zondo who taught him his art in the Ardmore Clay Studio. Moshe is quite proud of the fact that his Springbok Candlesticks were purchased by famous opera singer Dame Kiri Tekenawa (at the Great Herds of Africa Exhibition - at Patrick Mavros in London).

Thandeka's mother - Mavis - painted at Ardmore for many years, along with her brother. It was Thandeka's dream to join Ardmore and apprentice to eventually paint some of the beautiful ceramics she'd seen produced since childhood. It turns out that Thandeka has an amazing hand for intricate patterning. Each piece she works on shows her talent and attention to fine detail.

George Manyathela Thrower | Ardmore Ceramics | Shop By South Africa


In 2014, National Geographic produced this informative and interesting video about Leopards. It is fairly long, but we highly recommend viewing this documentary video. Thanks, National Geographic, for all the amazing work you do to heighten awareness about wildlife around the globe!

Video Source: National Geographic