African Mandrill and Parrot Platter | The Ardmore Collection | Fine Ceramic Art

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This heirloom quality platter will be passed along for generations to come! Each Ardmore Ceramic is a truly unique creation and that is certainly true of this magnificent platter.

Colourful African Mandrills and Parrots combine with bunches of plantain to create a whimsical portrayal of African Flora and Fauna.

The precisely detailed bunches of plantain at either end of the platter form convenient handles.

Sadly, the Africa Mandrill is considered to be a threatened species. The largest of all monkeys, they are shy and reclusive, living only in the rain forests of equatorial Africa. Their colourful faces make them easily identifiable.

This dish will provide an eclectic touch to your dining decor. Start a conversation about this unfortunately endangered species!

  • 2.75" High
  • 21.65" Long
  • 12.20" Wide
Kenneth Nkosinathi Msomi Mthulisi Ncube
Thrower/Sculptor Painter

Nkosinathi means "God is with us". Kenneth Nkosinathi certainly shows a marked spirituality in the beautiful ceramics he produces in the Ardmore studios.

He particularly enjoys making trays and platters featuring African wildlife.

Kenneth Nkosinathi's works have been exhibited internationally and are collected worldwide.

Mthulisi trained at the Mzilikazi Art Centre and worked as an artist, selling his oil on canvas paintings.

He was introduced to Ardmore Ceramics by his mentor, Mandla Ngwenya.

Mthulisi's work has exhibited at the "Just So Crocodile and Other Curiosity" in Hyde Park (Johannesburg) and at "Safari Week" at the prestigious Patrick Mavros gallery (London).

Kenneth Nkosinathi Msomi Sculptor | Ardmore Fine Ceramics | Shop By Southern Africa

Mthulisi Ncube Painter Ardmore Fine Ceramics Shop By Southern Africa

Observe this beautiful animal in this short video by Storyteller Media.

Video Source: Storyteller Media