All Natural Handmade Organic Essential Oils - Beard and Facial Oil


Whether you are clean-shaven or enjoy a bit of scruff, these beard oils not only nourish facial hair but the skin underneath.

Place a few drops in your hand and then use your fingers to comb the oil through your clean and slightly damp beard.

For clean-shaven faces, warm a few drops of the serum in your hands and massage into freshly washed and dried skin.

Absorbs quickly into skin with no greasy feeling. 

Base ingredients include grapeseed, camellia seed, argan, and golden jojoba oil.

Choose from:

Rippling Waves: rosemary, frankincense and cedarwood (smells like the ocean). Strengthens hair follicles and leaves a clean, crisp scent.

Peppermint Tea Tree: peppermint, tea tree, lime (good for flaky or acne prone skin)

Black Pine and Lime: mood boosting scent with antibacterial properties.

Sandalwood: sandalwood and benzoin essential oils. Sultry scent and helps reduce redness and irritation.


Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients in this product.

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