Bird Platter | The Ardmore Collection | Fine Ceramic Art

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Like a bird on a wire. No, like a bird perching on the rim of my serving platter!

Have you ever looked up to see a small group of birds sitting in a row on a wire and thought "I wonder what they are thinking"? Sometimes, they just look so wise sitting up there - viewing (and perhaps judging) us from above.

Four wise birds perch on the rim of the most arrestingly interesting serving dishes we've seen. These quizzical creatures march down the edge of a beautifully rendered and hand painted fine ceramic serving dish.

Your guests will be amazed when they see this unique find!

The number of different African Birds is somewhat overwhelming! The range of size and colours is phenomenal. An African Bird we find very interesting is the Picatharte - a bird that has lived in the Congo for 44 million years. When these birds mate they mate for life therefore they have to make a good team. Plus - may we repeat - "44 million years!".

Watch this terrific BBC Earth video - The Birds That Have Lived for 44 Million Years. Wow!