Blue Crane Grasshopper & Butterfly Teapot The Ardmore Collection

$3,239.99 $1,619.99

Welcome to the magical wonderland of Ardmore ceramic art where . . .

G is for Grasshopper

Birds abound in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll seemed to have a fondness creating interesting birds and bird-like creatures to help spin his fascinating tales.

The African Blue Crane is a tall, ground-dwelling bird. And its favorite insect is the Grasshopper.

This fantastic teapot would be right at home on the table for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. I can just see the Dormouse curling up beside it for warmth! Beautiful colours and uniquely rendered shaping make this one-of-a-kind piece truly unusual.

Dimensions: 14 in (W) x 18.4 in (H) x 6.8 (D)