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Welcome to the magical wonderland of Ardmore ceramic art where . . .

C is for Chameleon

Just like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, who magically appears and disappears at will, Chameleons can blend themselves into the background - and - voila - they seem to have vanished.

What a truly astounding talent! And not the only talent these little creatures possess.

Their jerky walk perfectly mimics the natural movements of branches. Their independently moving eyes provide unrivalled 360º coverage, but when directed forward provide stereoscopic vision. Their explosively fast, extendable, sticky tongue is a perfect weapon for an ambush hunter. A prehensile tail and toes that are grouped into two opposing ‘thumbs’ called fascicles allow them great arboreal mobility and most famous of all is their ability to “change colour”.

This delightful jug portrays a chameleon in just the right way. You have to look for a moment to discern him! Lovely colours and a whimsical shape, we know this piece will be a delight for generations to come.

Dimensions: 8 in (H) x 7 in (W) x 4 in (D)

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