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The Sable Antelope is found in more than 11 African countries. Ardmore has fastidiously captured the nature of this lovely animal in this whimsical vase.

This vase will showcase any floral arrangement with style! We bet it will become a "family treasure"!

While Sable Antelopes are not endangered, their habitat is constantly being threatened as they compete for areas increasingly overrun by humans.

  • 4.72" High
  • 6.29" Long
  • 5.11" Wide
Lovermore Sithole Moshe Sello Fiko Mfuphi
Thrower Sculptor Painter

Lovermore is Ardmore's main thrower. His technical skills ensure a high standard of quality. He is known for his spectacularly large tureens and threw all the plates for the renowned Ardmore Design Collection Dinnerware.As Ardmore's master thrower, Lovermore's work has been included in every exhibition since 2007.

Moshe was encouraged and mentored by his uncle Bennet Zondo who taught him his art in the Ardmore Clay Studio. Moshe is quite proud of the fact that his Springbok Candlesticks were purchased by famous opera singer Dame Kiri Tekenawa (at the Great Herds of Africa Exhibition - at Patrick Mavros in London).

Since 2002, Fiko has worked on a variety of Ardmore Ceramics, being mentored by Punch Shabalala (a leading Ardmore painter), whose footsteps Fiko aspires to follow. Fiko's work has been shown in every Ardmore exhibition since 2004. And again, what a family affair?! Fiko is one of three sisters who work together in the painting studio! We think Fiko's painting is a beautiful contribution to this lovely piece.

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Observe this beautiful animal in this short video by Claudesgate Wildlife. The antelope were quite shy and stayed in the treeline for some time before venturing forth to drink.

Video Source: Claudesgate Wildlife