Frog Candle Holders | The Ardmore Collection | Fine Ceramic Art

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There's a frog on my dining room table? You bet there is!

Funky African Frogs are the footprint of these beautiful candlesticks. Vibrant palm trees support your candles in style!

If you like the different, the unique, then these candlesticks are for you. Whether on your mantle or dining table, these life-like frogs and palm trees will uplift your mood.

Size: 9 in (H) x 5.5 in (W) x 4 in (D)

Weight: 3 lb

Thandeka Shabalala
Bongekile Ntombela
Painter Sculptor and Painter
Thandeka's mother - Mavis - painted at Ardmore for many years, along with her brother. It was Thandeka's dream to join Ardmore and apprentice to eventually paint some of the beautiful ceramics she'd seen produced since childhood. It turns out that Thandeka has an amazing hand for intricate patterning. Each piece she works on shows her talent and attention to fine detail.

While at Jabula High School, Bongekile enjoyed art classes with Gabi Nkosi from Caversham Press, and Wiseman Ndlovu from Ardmore. She won an art award from Michaelhouse for painting.

Bongi joined Ardmore's Winter School programme in June 2015.

She enjoys both painting and sculpting, but prefers painting because she like colour. She says: "I like painting genet cats, leopards and giraffes because of their unique patterns."

While there are many, many types of African Frogs, we were most amazed by the enormous African Bullfrog. This video, by Chris Oberholser, well known wildlife videographer, was filmed in Namibia. It's a fantastic view of the African Bullfrog and activities in and around the swamps.