Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Whole Bean Roasted Micro-Lot Medium Roast Gourmet Coffee | Black Rhino

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Been crashed by a Rhino? You'd notice if you had! A group of Rhinos is called a "crash". Considering the size of them, we thought that was apt! This exceptional blend is predominantly a delightfully twisted mix of Ethiopian whole bean with a little bit of South American pizzazz. The result is a smoothly decadent, creamy and balanced flavour we know you'll enjoy! Remember, our whole bean coffee is fresh roasted each week, ensuring the optimum coffee experience for our customers. Quite a difference from coffee that sits on a shelf, diminishing flavour with each passing day! Handcrafted Unique blend Medium roast African & South American origin Also available in 1 lb and 2 lb bags. Taste of Africa Coffees are sourced and roasted according to the highest standards, including a dedicated commitment to fair trade practices. Black Rhinos have a life span of 40 to 50 years. Although effective conservation has seen their numbers inch upwards, the effect of hunting and poaching means this remarkable animal remains critically endangered.