Grevys Zebra Ceramic Dish Tray | The Ardmore Collection | Fine Ceramic Art

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A reclining Zebra forms the circle of this beguiling dish that also has an important story to tell. Ardmore Ceramics deftly represent African Wildlife in their exquisite ceramic creations.

This gorgeous dish portrays the Grevy's Zebra, an endangered species who inhabited the semi-arid scrublands and plains of East Africa. Due to rapid decline of their population, they are now confined to the Horn of Africa, primarily found in Southern Ethiopia and Northern Kenya.

Delight your guests and inspire conversation with this beautiful ceramic dish.

  • 2.36" High
  • 8.66" Long
  • 7.08" Wide
Lovermore Sithole Moshe Sello Xolly Hadebe
Thrower Sculptor Painter

Lovermore is Ardmore's main thrower. His technical skills ensure a high standard of quality. He is known for his spectacularly large tureens and threw all the plates for the renowned Ardmore Design Collection Dinnerware. As Ardmore's master thrower, Lovermore's work has been included in every exhibition since 2007.

Moshe was encouraged and mentored by his uncle Bennet Zondo who taught him his art in the Ardmore Clay Studio. Moshe is quite proud of the fact that his Springbok Candlesticks were purchased by famous opera singer Dame Kiri Tekenawa (at the Great Herds of Africa Exhibition - at Patrick Mavros in London).

Xolly is a third generation Ardmore artist, being the daughter of former Ardmore Sculptor Paulinah Ntshalintshali and grand-daugher of Agnes. She hopes her children will carry on the tradition. Xolly says she loves painting Ardmore creations as she is inspired by nature. Xolly's work has been exhibited around the globe.

Lovermore Sithole, Ardmore Ceramics Thrower, Shop By Southern Africa

Xolly Hadebe, Ardmore Ceramics Painter, Shop By Southern Africa

Learn more about the Grevy's Zebra and the conservation of this remarkable species from this fascinating video, featuring the work of Belinda Low and the Grevy's Zebra Trust.