Hand-carved Floral Seed in Green Opal Stone | Shona Stone Sculpture

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So much of what we take for granted today began in Africa. One small example is coffee, which began being used as a beverage in Ethiopia.

This beautiful Shona Stone Sculpture - Floral Seed - is intended to make us stop and think about what seeds and flowers mean to all inhabitants of earth.

Sculpted by talented Shona Stone sculptor, Derek Fombe, Floral Seed takes us along the journey from the humble yet powerful seed to the beautiful, burgeoning flower that is the result of combining seed, sun, water and nutrients.

To us, this is a powerful analogy that can be applied to life. That which we nurture, grows and provides us with benefits. If more of us applied that philosophy to our relationships with others, the world would indeed "be as one".

Derek has teased this concept from gorgeous green opal stone to produce a Limited Edition, one of a kind piece that is sure to delight.

  • Limited Edition (one of a kind)
  • 7.08" Long
  • 4.72" Wide
  • 14.17" High
  • Green Opal Stone