Hartmanns Mountain Zebra Ramekin | The Ardmore Collection | Fine Ceramic Art

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The Hartmann's Mountain Zebra is a stalwart little equine! The amazing artisans of Ardmore Ceramics have captured the natural beauty of this lovely animal.

This dish will provide an eclectic touch to your dining decor. Start a conversation about this unfortunately endangered species!

  • 3.93" High
  • 7.87" Long
  • 5.90" Wide
Nkosinathi Mabaso Sabelo Khoza Fiko Mfuphi
Thrower/Sculptor Sculptor Painter

Nkosinathi started carving wood. David Fox was highly impressed with his carving and asked Fee Halsted-Berning (Ardmore Ceramics) to evaluate his work.

In 2002, Nkosinathi was commissioned to produce a body of ceramics for an exhibition of Nguni Cattle. Fee was asked to provide the supervision, materials and kilns to support this work.

Nkosinathi blossomed in the Ardmore Studios! His strength is in his observation of the fine details of nature. His work has been exhibited at Christie's (London)!


Sabelo's cousins (Pietro and Sondelani) introduced him to Ardmore Ceramics where they had both been successful artists for years.

Sabelo began throwing under the mentorship of his two cousins and now produces much of Ardmore's "functional ware".

He is responsible for many of the elegantly handled vases and beautiful candlesticks.

His Monkey Handled Vase was exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design (New York) and the image of the vase was used to promote the exhibition - Global Africa Project.

Sabelo's work features in major international collections and museums.

Since 2002, Fiko has worked on a variety of Ardmore Ceramics, being mentored by Punch Shabalala (a leading Ardmore painter), whose footsteps Fiko aspires to follow. Fiko's work has been shown in every Ardmore exhibition since 2004. And again, what a family affair?! Fiko is one of three sisters who work together in the painting studio! We think Fiko's painting is a beautiful contribution to this lovely piece.

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Observe this beautiful animal in this short video by Liaan Lategan.

Video Source: Liaan Lategan