White Heron Jug | The Ardmore Collection | Fine Ceramic Art

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Welcome to the magical wonderland of Ardmore ceramic art where . . .

H is for Heron

There are so many birds in Lewis Carroll's masterpieces - Alice's fantastic world. Some real and some bursting from his magnificent imagination.

When we first set eyes on this Heron Vase, we thought of the birds of Wonderland. With gracefully arched neck and detailed featherwork, this heron is an amazing example of the fascination many of Ardmore's artist have with the natural world.

Whether you use this jug for water or wine, your guests will be delighted with this lovely creature.

Heirloom quality fine ceramic art that will be passed down for generations to come.

Dimensions: 13.5 in (H) x 11.5 in (W) x 5 in (D)