Kukura Kurerwa | Shona Stone Sculpture

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Kukura Kurerwa - I Am Because of Who We All Are is an inspirational portrayal of the bond between parent and child.

This substantial, Limited Edition sculpture lends itself well to display in office, hotel, home and garden settings.

Carved by world renowned Shona Stone sculptor, Kennedy Musekiwa, this lovely piece of springstone sparks feelings of nurture, nature and care.

Kukura Kurerwa | Shona Stone Sculpture | Kennedy Musekiwa

Kennedy's works have been exhibited far and wide, in a variety of museums in Los Angeles and San Diego. He enjoys a wide and devoted following in many areas of the world, including Europe,Canada and especially in the United States.

A sculpture close to Kennedy's heart is a holy family which is to be exhibited at Kriffana. Kennedy has imbued this piece with a message of reconciliation and peace, hoping this will lead to increased tolerance between cultures and nations. Being asked to carve this special piece was a great honour to Kennedy, to whom faith is very important.

  • Limited Edition (one of a kind)
  • 7.08" Length
  • 7.48 Width
  • 40.55" High
  • Springstone