Leopard and Monkey Vase | The Ardmore Collection | Fine Ceramic Art

$1,704.14 $973.79

Are there animal crackers in your soup? Do monkeys and leopards loop de loop?

They will if you place this stunning work of ceramic art in your home! Whether on your coffee table, fireplace mantel or as a stunning centre feature on your dining table, this Leopard and Monkey Base will stop everyone in their tracks.

Vibrant, yet muted hand painted colours and phenomenally realistic rendering make this piece a simply remarkable addition to your fine ceramic collection.

While the African Vervet Monkey is not a species at risk, we wanted to draw your attention to an animal you may not have encountered. These impish little individuals live in troops of up to 50 in number in acacia woodland areas. You've got to admit they are pretty darned cute!

Watch this informative little video - Vervet Monkeys Zimbali Nature Documentary by Zimbala Coastal Resort and Estate to learn more about vervets and their natural habitat.

Size: 11 in (H) x 11 in (W) x 11 in (D)

Weight: 1 lb

Thrower/Maker: Teboho

Painter: Sthe


Leopards are the most secretive and elusive of the big cats and have, unfortunately, reached near threatened status. The African Wildlife Foundation has a terrific information page if you'd like to learn more.