Rhinoceros | Shona Stone Sculpture

$3,056.39 $1,528.19

Both black and white rhinos have increased in number in recent years thanks to successful conservation efforts, especially in South Africa. Thankfully, the white rhino has been brought back from the brink of extinction.

Both are still at risk due to a huge surge in poaching to meet demand for illegal rhino horn, primarily in Asia. Countries and conservationists are stepping up their efforts but record numbers of rhinos are currently being killed.

Sculpted by talented Shona Stone sculptor, Kingstone Runyanga.

Kingstone's sculpture beautifully communicates the need to protect this incredible animal. This Limited Edition, one of a kind sculpture is simply a marvel!

  • Limited Edition (one of a kind)
  • 95 cm Long
  • 49 cm Wide
  • 43 cm High
  • Springstone
  • Weight: 73 kg