Burundi Kanovera Fair Trade Coffee


Our coffees are named after endangered or vulnerable species. We contribute to charities supportive of the protection of species at risk around the world.

A Taste of Africa Coffee - Single origin, micro-lot coffees. Fresh roasted in frequent small batches. Simply delicious!

Lions of Burundi Whole Bean Coffee

Burundi Kanovera

This single-origin coffee is a delightful specialty coffee - crisp and sweet. The Kanovera Cooperative produces this remarkable coffee - although at a very limited production annually. We're very happy to have secured some of this tasty treat for our customers! This coffee has a medium to light body, with pronounced caramel, chocolate/brown sugar, rhubarb and a slight hint of melon. Floral/spice aroma.

The Kanovera Cooperative is located in the Ntamba village (Bubanza Province) of Burundi.

Grown at an altitude of 1,700 metres. Harvested April through June.

This roast is on the light side, enabling you to experience the more subtle flavours.

  • Handcrafted
  • Bourbon Varietal
  • Patio & Solar Dried
  • Fair Trade

The African Lion has long been on the losing side of an intensifying conflict with people, and if we do not take action now we could soon lose this majestic creature. Lions no longer live permanently in Burundi. The African Lion & Environment Research Trust has been working relentlessly to reverse this trend.

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