The Hunting Cat | Shona Stone Sculpture

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A stealthy cat, patiently waiting for it's prey, is the subject of this remarkable Shona Stone sculpture. Carved with phenomenal attention to detail by Andamiyo Chihota, from Fruit Serpentine, the stone colour and grain are skilfully used to convey the feline strength of this animal. This sculpture is a one of a kind, limited edition sculpture.

Andamiyo began sculpting at the tender age of 13. His family had moved to Guruve, a rural region with a rich stone-sculpting tradition. Inspired by his father and the late Henry Munyaradzi (a leader of the Shona Stone movement), Andamiyo apprenticed with his cousin Edronce Rukodzi (an internationally acclaimed sculptor).

Andayimo Chihota | The Hunting Cat | Shona Stone Sculpture

Andamiyo often finds inspiration from the birds, animals and depictions of the Shona peple. He searches far and wide for unique and beautiful stone.

A renowned sculptor, Andayimo has exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in San Diego and in 2006 was the "guest artist in residence" for Shona d'Afrique II in Montreal.

His work is expressive, contemplative and beautifully crafted. Andayimo says that paramount in his process is finding the balance in a piece of stone. The detail in the finish of his work is something to behold.

  • Limited Edition (this piece is one of a kind)
  • 10.62" Long
  • 3.93" Wide
  • 9.05" High
  • Fruit Serpentine

Most stones used in Zimbabwean sculpture are locally sourced and belong to the geological family of Serpentine. They are sedimentary, having originally been laid down on a sandy sea. Subsequent exposure to intense heat and pressure over hundreds of millions of years transformed the sediment into hard stone. Serpentines are rich in iron, therefore, as the stone weathers, it shows a veining of rust colour.