The Water Bird | Shona Stone Sculpture


Water birds abound in Africa! So many different types, colours and sizes - we're astounded by the variety.

This thoughtfully abstract depiction is rendered in serpentine.

Singiridiya Chihota brings such emotional expressiveness to his work. He began sculpting at the age of 12 and credits his father (also a stone sculptor) with teaching him that sculpting is a contemplative process.

Singi finds his inspiration in daily life, the spirit world and nature. He carves in a range of stones but prefers the colourful aspect of serpentine which comes from near his rural home in Guruve.

The Water Bird | Shona Stone Sculpture | Singiridiya Chihota

HIs work has been exhibited in galleries in Germany, Holland, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Singi spent 2009 as the featured artist-in-residence at Shona d'Afrique V in Beaconsfield (Montreal) where he taught the revered art of Shona Stone sculpture in three workshops at the gallery.

  • Limited Edition (one of a kind)
  • 11.02" Long
  • 7.87 Wide
  • 22.44" High
  • Serpentine

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