White Rhinoceros | Shona Stone Sculpture

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The white rhino is a major conservation success story, having been brought back from the very brink of extinction. But the current surge in poaching for their horns, particularly in South Africa, has seen record numbers killed in recent years. Urgent efforts are now underway to stop the poaching and end the illegal trade.

That's why this lovely Shona Stone sculpture - White Rhinoceros is particularly close to our hearts.

Crafted with remarkable attention to detail by Kingstone Runyanga, this hippo will steal your heart.

This substantially sized Limited Edition (one of a kind) sculpture is suitable for display both indoor and outdoors and would make a wonderful "statement piece" in an office, hotel or home and garden setting.

Thank you, Kingstone, for making this vulnerable species the subject of your artistic expression.

White Rhinoceros | Shona Stone Sculpture | Kingstone Runyanga

Sculpting runs in Kingstone's family. Two of his brothers were taught sculpting by their uncle, Stanley. Kingstone is inspired by wildlife and has produced amazing sculptures of hippos, rhinos and elephants.

  • Limited Edition
  • 33.85" Long
  • 14.17" Wide
  • 18.11" High
  • Cobalt Stone