Whole Bean Coffee | Spotted Cat | Tanzanian Peaberry


Been ruled by a Cat?

Oh, come on now! Sure you have. Our Spotted Cat Tanzanian Peaberry is complex and intriguing - just like a cat!

This amazingly flavourful Tanzanian Peaberry bursts with oat and black currant flavours. A subtle, yet authoritative medium roast.

Remember, our whole bean coffee is fresh roasted each week, ensuring the optimum coffee experience for our customers. Quite a difference from coffee that sits on a shelf, diminishing flavour with each passing day!

  • Handcrafted
  • Natural sun-dried
  • Single origin
  • Medium roast

Available in 1 lb and 2 lb bags.

Taste of Africa Coffees are sourced and then roasted (in Canada) according to the highest standards, including dedicated commitment to fair trade practices.


Zawadee is dedicated to supporting species at risk around the world. To that end, 2% of the sale of all wildlife-related products is devoted to charities who assist endangered animals.

The African Wildlife Foundation believes that the key to ensuring the future of the leopard lies in an integrated approach to conservation that looks not only at the species itself, but at the needs of local people, land use, and the ecosystem as a whole. In the Kruger National Park area in South Africa, AWF researchers have placed GPS collars on leopards to study their populations, evaluate resource competition with other carnivores, and study leopard interactions with people.

In Tanzania, the African Wildlife Foundation works closely with pastoralist communities to institute preventative measures to protect livestock from predation. AWF is building bomas for communities living in close proximity to carnivores. Bomas are predator-proof enclosures where livestock are kept to prevent their attack. By taking proactive steps, we are able to prevent both livestock and carnivore deaths.

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Tanzanian Leopard drinking water Spotted Cat Whole Bean Coffee

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Delicious Coffee!

Love this coffee! Rich and delicious, it has quickly become a household favorite. I would highly recommend grabbing a bag (or three!).


Hi Liz, thank you for your review, we are happy you have enjoyed a great cup of coffee.

Spider Robinson

It's the whelk's kneecap, and the genuine dromedary's drawers!

I've been trying without success to find a good source for Tanzanian Peaberry, my favorite coffee, since 1998. I found it at amazon by accident and ordered some Spotted Cat on Nov 6. It arrived from you today, 11 days later....and is as extraordinary as I remember. Several of my 35 books were written on Tanzanian Peaberry coffee, and thanks to you, several more will be too. When I drink it, I always feel I am in good company. As of today, I am a Spotted Cat cat!

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