Wild Dog Candle Holders | The Ardmore Collection | Fine Ceramic Art

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Let Wild Dogs roam your home!

Wild Dogs are the footprint of these beautiful candlesticks. Now endangered, these beautiful animals are also known as painted dogs, for obvious reasons!

If you like the different, the unique, then these candlesticks are for you. Whether on your mantle or dining table, these impish faces will uplift the mood.

Size: 6 in (H) x 5.5 in (W) x 5.5 in (D)

Weight: 1 lb

Kenneth Nkosinathi Msomi Lovermore Sithole
Thrower/Sculptor Sculptor and Painter

Nkosinathi means "God is with us". Kenneth Nkosinathi certainly shows a marked spirituality in the beautiful ceramics he produces in the Ardmore studios.

He particularly enjoys making trays and platters featuring African wildlife.

Kenneth Nkosinathi's works have been exhibited internationally and are collected worldwide.

Lovermore is Ardmore's main thrower. His technical skills ensure a high standard of quality. He is known for his spectacularly large tureens and threw all the plates for the renowned Ardmore Design Collection Dinnerware. As Ardmore's master thrower, Lovermore's work has been included in every exhibition since 2007.



African Wild Dogs have been an endangered species for over 20 years. Only about 6,600 of these unique animals exist in the wild today.

Our blog African Wild Dogs: A beautiful animal on the brink of extinction is a great place to start learning about this species at risk and what steps are being taken to protect them.

A bit more of a time commitment, but well worth it, is this excellent National Geographic Video - African Wild Dog. This video runs about 45 minutes but we found it utterly fascinating.