Winnowing Woman | Shona Stone Sculpture

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To winnow is to blow something away until you are left with what you want, like grain from chaff. Again, a remarkable metaphor for us to consider.

This beautiful Shona Stone sculpture, rendered in opal stone also reminds us of the lengths to which women go in order to support their families. Winnowing was backbreaking work - but very necessary in order to produce life sustaining grain - without chaff.

Winnowing Woman was created by Samson Mukohwa - a versatile Shona Stone sculptor who creates in both abstract and realistic modes of expression.

Samson began sculpting at an early age and was mentored to Morgan Tazvitya, who inspired him to pursue his creative expression.

Winnowing Woman | Shona Stone Sculpture

  • Limited Edition (one of a kind)
  • 8.66" Long
  • 6.29" Wide
  • 15.74" High
  • Opal Stone